My first hand-made self published book “Red String” is available on Reminders Photography Stronghold’s website!!

In Japan, legend has it that a man and a woman who have a predestined encounter have had each other’s little fingers tied together by an invisible red string since the time they were born.
Unfortunately, the red string tying my parents together either came untied, broke, or perhaps it was never even tied to begin with. But if the two had never met, I would never have been born into this world. If anything, you might say it is between parent and child that there is an unbreakable red string of fate.

◼︎ title: Red String
◼︎ publication: July 2014 
◼︎ book size: 16.5 x 22.5 cm
◼︎ page: 35 pages × 2 books
◼︎ hand-bound with the author
◼︎ text: Japanese and English
◼︎ Limited Edition of 35 copies, numbered and signed
There are two kinds of front cover images.
・Japanese wedding dress (ed.1〜15) ※ SOLD OUT
・Western wedding dress (ed.16〜35)
※ last 11 copies
◼︎ cover price: 6,800 JPY (+shipping and handring)

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